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Yet virtually everyone knows what it is like to feel shy or lacking in social confidence, often to an extent that can limit opportunities and happiness.

Because social anxiety issues are still relatively unknown amongst the wider public, most aren"t even aware that the thing which can have such a huge impact on their lives has a name.

Millions of people around the world suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (also known as Social Phobia) and related conditions.

Despite being the most common type of anxiety disorder and the cause of much impairment and suffering, it is under-recognised and under-treated.

Relationship anxiety can feel so overwhelming that you will do anything to cure it and achieve peace of mind.

It might cause you to believe that ending your relationship will eliminate your anxiety, although this belief may or may not be true, depending on where your anxiety stems from.

It can cause fidgety behavior, an inability to concentrate or focus, as well as feelings of nervousness and impending panic or doom.

When not addressed, it can be debilitating and effect your overall well-being.

In fact, anxiety is a natural part of relationships to some degree and may be a positive sign of how invested you are in the relationship and how much you feel connected to your partner.

Anxiety so frequently co-occurs with depression that the two are thought to be twin faces of one disorder.

Like depression, it strikes twice as many females as males.

The most painful part of it is, there's a place in the back of your mind that's totally rational and it tells you you're being ridiculous - but it can't shout loud enough. Write down what you're going to tell them beforehand, if that helps. I was fuelled by a number of vodka and cokes - I don't recommend this but it helped me. I would like to say "and we haven't looked back," but that would make it sound like it was easy. I'm still comfortable, amazed and very in love with him. It's a difficult task, as however crippling my anxiety gets for me, I imagine it's just as bad for him.

I didn't feel like my every word would be scrutinised. But to say anxiety hasn't plagued parts of my mind during my relationship would be a lie. I can see that it's incredibly frustrating for my boyfriend.

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My boyfriend has managed to push me enough to live but not push me too much to worry me.

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