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But at the same time, was there something a little off about her, but you couldn’t put your finger on it?Yeah, women like that are mind-blowing, but they also tend to be sociopaths.Sociopaths are people who can’t empathize with anyone and dislike people. Sociopaths can have affection for their partners, as long as it’s not deep.To them, loving others should give them a sense of power or personal gain. For sociopaths, real love is a game, and they play it to win. There are a few warning signs, red flags if you will, but we brush them off.You don’t think anything odd of your partner’s behavioural fluctuations. Here are 10 warning signs that may suggest he/she is.

But the good news is that unlike Patrick Bateman, odds are they won’t try to murder you after sex. For instance, if you tell her you know for certain she was with another man two nights ago, she’ll say: “Ugh, shut up. Like if she keeps aggressively pointing out your thinning hairline, even after you tell her you're sensitive about it and don't appreciate her bald jokes. Sociopaths tend to be risk takers, which makes them fun to be around. Psychopaths make up about one percent of the general population (as in, not in a mental institution or jail) and most of them aren’t serial killers.They’re your conniving co-worker who somehow seems to get away with everything.First of all, sociopaths have egos the height and size of Mt. They prize their worth over everyone else and feel that they should have privileges. Sociopaths will find ways to charm and manipulate you.They will lie to gain satisfaction from tricking you.

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Your friends have subtly mentioned it but you laughed it off. They are continuously blaming other people for anything and everything that has ever gone wrong.

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