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They form a parasitic relationship with humans as their host, with blood from the scalp as their source of nourishment.

Head lice live close to the scalp, and sometimes in the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Adult pubic lice are very small (2mm long) and aren't easy to see.

They're a yellow-grey or dusky red colour and have six legs.

Your doctor can also find pubic lice and body lice by looking closely at your body or your clothing. Be sure to do all you can to treat lice and to prevent the spread of lice.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 6 to 12 million people get lice every year, and most of them are ages 3 to 11.This is because children of this age are more likely to be in close contact with each other when playing.Pubic lice are spread through close bodily contact, most commonly sexual contact.After getting pubic lice, it can take several weeks before any symptoms appear.

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