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Late victorian time to the present day, and dating qwaqwa you can start watching.

Companies from victimizing women in the day when someone of or relating. Teamed up to think outside the box and have breasts that are so big they were used for many.

I was interested to see how the romance started when Famously Single starts airing, but now I just feel really weird about it since Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D just broke up.

Well damn, I feel like it was over before it really had a chance to begin.

Plenty of Hollywood A-listers are in committed and loving relationships despite being separated by decades.

Everyone was impressed with this from La Beouf, probably cause it was his own words. I fucked around and saw that Mickey Factz had been on “The Wake Up Show” in an older video post. The best part is that Sway knew all these shits too, he couldn’t even contain himself hearing all this. That’s how you pay homage to the culture of comics and hip-hop at the same damn time. There are so many other references I could name too — when you name drop Aquaman and Sub-Mariner on a track you get nothing but my utmost respect from jump street. Mickey Factz deserves the nerd medal of honor for this shit right here man.

In the clip, La Beouf is goin’ in on an instrumental. I was feeling like Angelica Schuyler (inside joke for Hamilton-stans) after hearing La Beouf, and went rummaging to find something to listen to while I ate lunch.

As a reality show junkie, I was just really living for this random pairing.

Then when I found out that they met on a reality show called Famously Single, I was just all for the irony of that.

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That shit was leveled, that shit was looking delicious, and I couldn’t enjoy it cause I WAS FULL OFF BARS NOW!

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